Laser Treatment for Toe Fungus

Laser treatment for toe fungus (onychomycosis) is a safe, pain-free, and effective treatment. Multiple treatment sessions are usually required. Clearance rates of greater than 80% are reported with laser treatment of toe fungus. No topical or oral medications are required for treatment when using lasers to treat toe fungus.

Does Laser Treatment for Toe Fungus Hurt?

No. Most patients report a warm sensation during the procedure.

What can I expect during my Laser Treatment for Toe Fungus?

Please arrive at your appointment with no nail polish on your toes. The Laser procedure takes 10-15 minutes and does not hurt. After your Laser procedure, you may immediately return to your normal daily activities.

Does insurance cover laser treatment for toe fungus?

Currently, medical insurance does not cover laser treatment for toe fungus.

How do I get started treating my toenail fungus?

Please give our office a call to set up a consultation with Dr. Kesty. During your consult, expect to be educated regarding the various treatment optionsfor toenail fungus. Dr. Kesty and you will work together to make a treatment plan based on your unique skin.

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