Dr. Kat Kesty is a Fellowship Trained Cosmetic and Laser Surgeon as well as a Board Certified Dermatologist. She specializes in nonsurgical blepharoplasty, tear trough deformity correction with fillers and lasers, undereye circle treatment, and brow rejuvenation.

Eyes are engaging and display our inner beauty and wisdom. They show emotion and vitality and can often show our age. The eyes are the first feature we gaze at when meeting a new person, and that is why eye rejuvenation is so incredibly important to overall facial harmony.

Over time, the delicate skin around the eye and brow undergoes changes according to one’s genetics and past sun exposure. Eyelid skin may become thin and loose, dark circles may develop in the undereye area, volume loss around the eye occurs, and fine lines and wrinkles may develop. Brows may also start to be noticeably lower than in past years. These changes do not occur uniformly in every person, and therefore a formulaic approach is not appropriate when considering eye and brow rejuvenation.

Dr. Kesty truly enjoys rejuvenation of the eye and is a leader in the field of advanced dermal filler, wrinkle relaxers, laser resurfacing, and skin tightening techniques to rejuvenate the eye and brow region. She incorporates unique techniques and the latest technology to achieve superior results for tear trough deformities, undereye circles, wrinkles, fine lines, and brow drooping.

Non-invasive and minimally invasive techniques are used at St. Petersburg Skin and Laser in addition to sun protection habits and topical skin care regimens to achieve the cosmetic goals of our patients regarding eye and brow aging. With minimal or even no downtime, meaningful improvements are achievable.

How do I get started?

Dr. Kesty will be happy to discuss anti-aging treatments with you. Please feel free to call for a private consultation.

My patients want to look and feel their best at any age. I love that I can help them achieve that by combining state-of-the-art technology, the latest medical evidence, and my advanced skill set and artistic eye

Dr. Kat Kesty

Founder Of St. Petersburg Skin and Laser