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Best Cosmetic Dermatologist St. Petersburg: 10 Questions to find the Right One for You

The Importance of Selecting the Right Cosmetic Dermatologist

Choosing the right cosmetic dermatologist is more than a simple decision; it’s an investment in your health, appearance, and confidence. The world of cosmetic dermatology goes beyond just beauty treatments; it intertwines medicine, science, and artistry. A board-certified dermatologist not only understands the nuances of skin conditions and treatments but also appreciates the uniqueness of each patient’s desires and needs. In St. Petersburg, Florida, where the sun shines generously and skin care is paramount, selecting the right professional is crucial for ensuring that you receive care that is both safe and effective.

Dr. Kesty Cosmetic Dermatologist in St. Petersburg FL with a patient after procedure.

The Impact of Expertise, Technology, and Personalized Treatments

Dermatology, especially in the cosmetic realm, has made leaps and bounds in recent years, thanks to advancements in technology and research. Expertise is more than just possessing knowledge—it’s about applying that knowledge with precision, compassion, and innovation. Modern treatments, from laser resurfacing to treatments for acne scars, rely heavily on state-of-the-art technology. However, technology alone is not enough. The human touch, understanding individual patient needs, and crafting personalized treatment plans make all the difference. A dermatologist’s expertise, combined with cutting-edge technology and a personalized approach, ensures not only effective results but also a journey that respects and understands the uniqueness of each patient’s skin, face, and overall aesthetic goals. In St. Petersburg, where beauty and health converge, the impact of these elements in cosmetic dermatology cannot be understated.

Key Factors in Choosing a Dermatologist

Dermatology Board Certification and Medical Training including Medical School (MD Degree)

The foundation of any reputable cosmetic dermatologist begins with board certification and comprehensive medical training. Board certification is a testament to a doctor’s dedication, indicating that they’ve surpassed standard requirements and demonstrated superior knowledge and skill in dermatology. The term “board certified” can be confusing to patients as a provider may be “board certified” by any number of “boards”. The key to look for is the board that they are being certified by. Does the “board” require members to have completed medical school and a residency (8+ years of training), or can a provider take a weekend course and become “board certified” by that particular “board”. Medical school, followed by internship and residency in medicine, offers in-depth understanding, hands-on experience, and rigorous testing of a physician’s capabilities. In total, Dr. Kesty completed 14 years of education and training in Dermatology. In St. Petersburg, Dr. Kesty from St. Petersburg Skin and Laser has showcased her commitment to excellence through her double board-certified status and laser fellowship training, reflecting her unparalleled expertise in Cosmetic Dermatology.

Services Offered

Diversity in services offered is a hallmark of a comprehensive dermatological practice. Whether you’re looking for solutions to combat signs of aging, treatments for skin conditions such as acne or rosacea, or more advanced procedures like laser resurfacing and vaginal rejuvenation, the range of services gives a clear picture of the clinic’s proficiency. St. Petersburg Skin and Laser prides itself on offering the entire spectrum of cosmetic dermatology and laser treatments, from minimally invasive procedures to complex surgical interventions like Mohs micrographic surgery, ensuring that every patient’s need is addressed with utmost precision and care.

Approach to Patient Care and Problem Solving

True expertise in cosmetic dermatology is not just about treating skin; it’s about treating the individual. A holistic approach to patient care, paired with in-depth knowledge and laser experience, sets the best dermatologists apart. Understanding a patient’s history, lifestyle, and individual concerns is paramount to crafting a tailored treatment plan. Dr. Kesty is renowned for her personalized approach, ensuring that every patient feels heard, understood, and confident in the treatment journey they embark upon.

Technology and Innovation

In the ever-evolving realm of cosmetic dermatology, staying abreast of technological advancements is essential. New tools and techniques often offer more effective treatments, reduced downtime, and enhanced results. From state-of-the-art laser machines to innovative therapies like photorejuvenation or collagen induction therapy, technology plays a pivotal role. At St. Petersburg Skin and Laser, Dr. Kesty continually invests in the latest technology, ensuring that her patients benefit from the cutting-edge of dermatological advancements. It’s not just about having the best tools, but also about knowing how to wield them with expertise and artistry.

Kat Kesty MD and Chelsea Kesty MD

10 Questions to Ask to Find the Best Cosmetic Dermatologist for You

1. What boards of cosmetic dermatology are you certified by or a member of?

What to Listen For: Membership in key organizations, societies, and groups.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: I am double board certified in dermatology and Mohs micrographic surgery. Additionally, I’m one of a handful of fellowship-trained laser dermatologists in the United States. My memberships include the American Board of Dermatology, the American Academy of Dermatology, the Women’s Dermatology Society, the Association of Academic Dermatologic Surgeons, and the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery. These affiliations highlight my commitment to staying updated and involved in the ever-evolving field of cosmetic dermatology.

2. How do you stay updated with the latest advancements in cosmetic dermatology?

What to Listen For: The dermatologist should express commitment to continuous learning and integrating the latest techniques and technologies.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: I regularly teach seminars, workshops, and conferences. I also teach Dermatology residents. Staying updated ensures my patients benefit from the latest advancements in cosmetic dermatology.

3. How do you ensure the results of treatments align with patient expectations?

What to Listen For: The dermatologist should focus on understanding patient goals and setting realistic expectations.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: I spend ample time discussing goals and expectations at our initial Cosmetic Consult. Using visuals and previous case studies and my own before and afters, we set realistic outcomes ensuring patient satisfaction.

3. How do you handle patient concerns and post-treatment care?

What to Listen For: The dermatologist should prioritize patient communication, providing clear instructions for post-treatment care.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: We prioritize open communication. Post-treatment, I provide detailed care instructions, ensuring swift recovery and optimal results. Our St. Petersburg team is always available for any patient questions before or after a procedure.

4. Do you have experience with diverse skin types and conditions?

What to Listen For: Check if the dermatologist has experience treating a variety of skin conditions and human skin colors. It’s essential they understand the nuances of different skin types.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: My experience spans across a wide range of skin types, conditions, and human skin colors. Over the years, I’ve treated patients with various challenges and have tailored treatments to suit individual skin needs in St. Petersburg, Florida.

5. How do you approach skin rejuvenation treatments?

What to Listen For: Determine if the dermatologist offers a comprehensive and tailored approach to skin rejuvenation, considering factors like age, skin condition, and desired results.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: Skin rejuvenation at our clinic is personalized. We combine therapies, including laser, chemical peels, and injectable fillers, to achieve desired results while respecting the individual’s unique skin.

6. How do you ensure patient safety during minimally invasive procedures?

What to Listen For: The dermatologist should prioritize patient safety, using approved equipment and following standardized procedures.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: Safety is paramount. We use FDA-approved equipment, maintain a sterile environment, and I personally oversee all procedures, ensuring the highest standards of care in St. Petersburg. All procedures done at St. Petersburg Skin and Laser are done by Board Certified Dermatologists. We do not employ physician assistants, nurse practitioners, or other providers. The same Dermatologist that you consult with at your initial consult (i.e. Dr. Kesty) is the same dermatologist that does all of your cosmetic procedures.

7. What medical specialties do you collaborate with for comprehensive patient care?

What to Listen For: Their interdisciplinary approach to dermatological care.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: Dermatology often intersects with other medical specialties. I collaborate closely with experts in various fields, ensuring that our patients receive comprehensive care that addresses both their dermatological needs and overall health.

8. What is your approach to laser treatments?

What to Listen For: Their knowledge about different types of laser treatments, personalized approaches, and ensuring safety during procedures.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: Laser treatments are a cornerstone of modern cosmetic dermatology. In our St. Petersburg office, I ensure that we employ the latest technology. Each patient’s skin type, concerns, and goals guide our laser treatment plans, always prioritizing safety and optimal results.

9. What is your experience with wrinkle relaxers?

What to Listen For: Familiarity with various wrinkle relaxers on the market, their application technique, and understanding patient needs.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: Wrinkle relaxers have transformed cosmetic dermatology. With years of experience, I’ve mastered the art of achieving natural-looking results that rejuvenate without freezing expressions. Whether it’s Botox, Dysport, or any other brand, I ensure that my patients get the best treatment suited for their unique needs.

10. What is your experience with dermal fillers?

What to Listen For: Knowledge about different types of fillers, their application, and tailoring treatments to individual facial structures.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: Dermal fillers have become an essential tool in facial rejuvenation. My approach is based on a deep understanding of facial anatomy and the properties of each filler. From hyaluronic acid products like Juvederm and Restylane to collagen stimulators like Sculptra, I tailor each treatment to ensure harmonious and natural results for my patients in St. Petersburg.

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Condition-Specific Questions to Ask

1. How do you treat chronic skin conditions like rosacea or dermatitis?

What to Listen For:
Look for a dermatologist who uses a combination of medication, lifestyle recommendations, and advanced treatments.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: Treating chronic conditions like rosacea or dermatitis requires a comprehensive approach. I combine lasers, medications, and lifestyle recommendations to effectively manage and treat these conditions.

2. What kind of chemical substances do you use for skin treatments?


What to Listen For: Dermatologists should use FDA-approved substances, tailored to the patient’s needs.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: We use only FDA-approved chemical substances, ensuring safety and effectiveness. Treatments are tailored based on the patient’s skin type and desired outcome.

3. How do you approach acne and its resultant scars?

What to Listen For: Check if the dermatologist offers a multi-faceted approach to acne treatment and subsequent scarring.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: Acne treatment is tailored to its severity and cause. We employ a combination of topicals, medications, and laser treatments. For scars, we use dermabrasion, lasers, and chemical peels to rejuvenate the skin.

4. What is your approach to treating spider veins or telangiectasia?

What to Listen For:
The dermatologist should have experience in multiple techniques to treat these conditions, ensuring the best results.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: For spider veins and telangiectasia, we use sclerotherapy, lasers, and other advanced technologies to provide patients with clear, rejuvenated skin.

5. What is your experience with Botox and injectable fillers?

What to Listen For: Ensure the dermatologist has a vast experience and can provide natural-looking results.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: With years of experience in Botox and fillers, I aim to enhance natural beauty, ensuring results are subtle yet transformative. I combine science and art when injecting botulinum toxins like Botox to provide beautiful and believable, non-artificial looking results.

6. How do you approach skin cancer screenings and treatments?

What to Listen For: Dermatologists should employ thorough screenings and have multiple treatment avenues for different types of skin cancer.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: Regular skin cancer screenings are crucial. Using comprehensive examination techniques, we identify concerns early. Depending on the diagnosis, we tailor the most effective treatment plan.

7. How do you address age-related skin concerns like wrinkles and loss of elasticity?

What to Listen For:
The dermatologist should have comprehensive solutions for age-related skin concerns, incorporating the latest treatments and techniques.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: Addressing age-related concerns requires a multi-faceted approach. I incorporate treatments like botox injections, dermal fillers, laser rejuvenation, and collagen induction therapy to restore skin’s youthful appearance and counteract the signs of aging. In our St. Petersburg clinic, we ensure that our treatments not only address current concerns but also have long-term benefits for the skin’s health and appearance.

8. How do your cosmetic treatments impact skin cells and tissues?


What to Listen For: A comprehensive understanding of how treatments interact with and rejuvenate skin cells and underlying tissue structures.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: Cosmetic treatments, when done effectively, stimulate skin cells and rejuvenate the underlying tissue biology. For instance, laser treatments can encourage cell turnover, while procedures like dermabrasion remove the outer layer of skin cells to promote the growth of new, healthy tissue. In our St. Petersburg clinic, we harness the power of advanced technology to target cells and tissues, ensuring optimal results and the promotion of overall skin health.

9. How do you address issues related to fat and cellulite in patients?

What to Listen For: Knowledge about various treatments for fat reduction and cellulite improvement.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: Addressing fat and cellulite requires a combination of knowledge, skill, and technology. We offer state-of-the-art treatments like radio-frequency skin tightening to improve the skin’s elasticity and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Additionally, for those areas of stubborn fat, we provide minimally invasive procedures to contour and reshape the body.

10. Do you have experience in treating skin conditions like psoriasis and rashes?

What to Listen For: Their expertise in handling chronic skin conditions and inflammation.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: Absolutely. Psoriasis and rashes can significantly impact the quality of life, and I have years of experience in treating these and other skin conditions. By utilizing advanced treatments and understanding the underlying causes, we aim to manage and alleviate these conditions effectively.

11. What is your approach to intense pulsed light (IPL) facial treatments and broadband light (BBL) treatments?

What to Listen For: Knowledge about the IPL procedure and broadband light procedures, their benefits, and its applications.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: Intense pulsed light, or IPL, is a versatile treatment that can address various concerns, from age spots to blood vessels. BBL is the latest technology of IPL. At our office in St. Petersburg, we use IPL and BBL as light therapy to rejuvenate the facial and neck skin, enhance skin tone, and treat acne/rosacea, and more!

12. How do you approach hair loss issues in patients?

What to Listen For:
Knowledge of different treatments and causes of hair loss.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: Hair loss can be caused by various factors, from genetic predispositions to medical conditions. In our office, we employ a comprehensive approach, from topical medications to advanced treatments, ensuring patients receive the best care for their specific situation.

13. Do you treat skin conditions on the neck and other soft tissue areas?

What to Listen For: Expertise in treating skin issues beyond the face.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: Absolutely. The neck and other soft tissue areas are as essential as the face. We provide treatments tailored to these regions, and you entire body, ensuring that patients achieve a harmonious and rejuvenated appearance from head to toe.

14. How do you handle cases with warts and varicose veins?

What to Listen For: Their approach to treating common skin conditions and vascular issues.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: Warts and varicose veins require specialized treatments. We utilize advanced techniques in our office, from laser treatment and cryotherapy for warts to laser treatments, sclerotherapy and radio-frequency treatments for varicose veins, ensuring effective results.

15. How do you address concerns about stretch marks on the body?


What to Listen For: Their approach to treating stretch marks and improving the skin’s appearance.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: Stretch marks can be a source of insecurity for many, but with advancements in dermatology, we have effective treatments to reduce their appearance. In our St. Petersburg office, we utilize cutting-edge technologies and therapies, ensuring that our patients’ body skin looks its best.

16. What are your thoughts on using hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane?

What to Listen For:
Knowledge of dermal fillers, their benefits, and suitable candidates for the treatment.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: Hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane are excellent tools to restore volume and reduce wrinkles. I have a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy, ensuring that injections are precise, leading to natural and rejuvenating results.

17. How do you treat melanocytic nevi, commonly known as moles?

What to Listen For: Their approach to evaluating and treating moles, ensuring patient safety and aesthetic satisfaction.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: Melanocytic nevus or moles require careful assessment. We focus not just on their appearance but also on their health implications. At our clinic, we offer both surveillance for atypical moles and cosmetic treatments for those desiring aesthetic improvement.

18. Do you provide treatments targeting the eye area, such as fillers or botox?

What to Listen For: Their expertise in handling delicate eye area treatments and understanding the intricacies of the region.

Dr. Kesty’s Answer: The eye area is delicate, requiring a specialized approach. I have extensive experience with treatments specifically tailored to the eyes, ensuring patients achieve refreshed and youthful results without compromising safety.

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