What are Cherry Angiomas?

Cherry Angiomas are small red bumps that appear anywhere on the body. They are a benign growth that is sometimes passed down in families and tend to appear with age.

Can I remove Cherry Angiomas?

Dr. Kesty uses Lasers to remove cherry angiomas. The procedure is virtually painless and cherry angiomas tend to fade and get absorbed by your body 1-4 weeks after treatment. Depending on the number of cherry angiomas to be treated, it may take multiple laser sessions to address all of the lesions.

Am I a good candidate for Laser Treatment of Cherry Angiomas at St. Petersburg Skin and Laser?

People who have been diagnosed with cherry angiomas or who think they may have them may be candidates for Laser Treatment at St. Petersburg Skin and Laser. Dr. Kesty will gladly meet with you during a private consultation to answer your questions about cherry angiomas and develop a customized treatment plan.

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