Why seek laser treatment for acne?

Acne treatment with lasers is an alternative to traditional oral and topical acne treatments. Inflammatory acne often requires the chronic use of antibiotics which can have long-term effects on the body. Severe acne may be treated with medications like isotretinoin (Accutane). Treating acne with lasers may lessen the amount of oral antibiotics required, while also accelerating the clearance of acne. Laser treatment can improve not only the active and redacne but may also lead to the reduction of acne scars.

Which Lasers are used to treat acne?

There are a fewlasers and light-based systems used for treating acne. One type of Laserinhibits the growth of the bacteriathatcausesacne lesions. Other devicesshrink the sebaceous (oil)glands that play a pivotal role in acne. Your Dermatologistmay use more than one Laser or energy-based deviceto optimize the clearance of your acne and treat acne scars.

How many sessions are required to treat acne with Lasers?

Most patients require approximately 5-7 monthly treatments to see the desired improvement. Maintenance re-treatments may be required.

Can I combine Laser treatment with other acne treatments?

Yes-Laser acne treatments may be combined withMedical Grade Chemical Peels and Aquagold Microinfusion for even better results than with the laser alone.Chemical peelscan also help to exfoliate the dark marks acne leaves behindand decrease the bacteria on your skin.Aquagold microchanneling can deliver acne medications directly to the deeper layers of your skin leading to more effective acne clearance. During your consultation with one of our Board Certified Dermatologists, you willagree on the ideal treatment planwhich may include a combination of different Lasers and cosmetic procedures.

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